Friday, June 25, 2010

In Search of Spirit

Dear Someone. Anyone

Please grant me with ignorance but remain my wisdom.

stay strong

Monday, February 15, 2010


Happy Chinese New Year people !!!
Sorry for the lack of updates know, as a student, we have something called ASS-ignment...!!! So much to blog about I don't know where to start =D

So to start off my 1st post of the year, I'm here to announce to the world that I'm officially legal !!!

Thanks to my college mates for the unforgettable early birthday celebration...lots of love from me to all of you !
I'm a big big girl in a big big world ~

It's super exciting for me to finally turn 21...I'm glad that I have been through my 20 years of life facing different aspects !!! People around me always gave me positive support when I'm down...thank you guys are the one who gave me strength to continue my journey in life..I heart you guys lot !!!!! Thanks for the greeting via sms, facebook, msn, skype and phone call...thanks for the presents too =)

I had a wonderful 21st birthday because I have wonderful people around me <3

birthday + cny + valentine

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Forward In Time

Seriously don't feel like updating this poor little blog today, but a promise is a here it is.

Sometimes things happen, things you previously thought it would not make any difference to you personally, but it just totally knock you sideways...and that's what happened to me the other night when we met each other again after so long. We smile at each other, and when I thought everything is gonna be fine, he came up to me and say hi. I never thought he would do that since he was with a bunch of friends. For a moment I was stun, it seems like the word 'hi' is some kind of alien language that I've never learn to say, but of course I replied a hi with a happy smile after that. Yes...a happy smile...nothing that moment I know everything is officially back to a square one =)

It's so weird that both of us had a silent moment after saying hi to each I grabbed my mocha and tell him that I got to go. As I'm walking out of Starbucks, he passed me a piece of serviette with his new number on it, I took it, smile at him and said that we will keep in touch, then goodbye....I was wondering is this how we can communicate ? I mean with a piece of, is not important anymore =)

The happy smile doesn't last very long. I felt quite uneasy with it after I got home, and I do not know what's the my head on the bed and later on went online. Santa Claus sent me an early gift, he sent me someone to cheer me up....the one who can make me cry and smile at the same time. Thank You =)

Ohh...and not only I got an early Christmas present, I got a new car as my advance birthday present too...Thank You Daddy Mummy !!!

Okie la..I'll be off to Beijing this Sunday, midnight I'll update this little bloggie when I get back...till then, see ya my readers. Take Care !

rock on readers.


we met. we say hi. and nothing else

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Story Behind The Story

Had spent some of my time reading books during the holiday...
and recently checked my all time favorite authors,
John Grisham and Nicholas Sparks' website,
found out that they had released their latest book !!!
I am so gonna add them to my book shelf !!

my reading corner

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Not So Busy Me

Is Saturday and I'm at home...such a good girl huh ? Woke up around 9 something for breakfast...surprise I had my breakfast ? haha...I was too hungry in the middle of the night. When I phoned my mum called her to buy me food, she asked who am I...she thought it was my sister, but she knew it was my voice....she was so surprise I called her to buy me breakfast =.= when she's home she even asked me what happened, am I okie...LOL...

"I'm just hungry mum..."

Watched TV the whole morning, Reapers and Interview With The Vampire...around 11 something my mum went to 1U with her friends for lunch, sis still asleep...around 1 something, my dad came back to fetch my sis for lunch...skipped my my book, facebooking, and played freecell....and now I'm here blogging !

Is just the 1st week of my holiday and I'm already like this ??? I got like 7 more weeks !!

2012, New Moon, A Christmas Carol....quick ! I'm waiting for it to screen !!

Gonna meet up with my long lost friends to celebrate Adeline's belated birthday after Ivy's back from Sabah....

and more to come I guess....

Okie the holiday doesn't sounds that
back to freecell...
till then, see ya =)

holiday mode ?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Grandpa The Birthday Boy :)

Pictures says it all... =)
Just celebrated grandpa's birthday at Jaya 33's Oriental...all the unmarried grandchildren shared to buy the birthday cake from Alexis...don't be shock for the look of the cake ! It's suppose to look like this...haha....the waitresses there thought they had messed up the cake, and they even had a meeting this afternoon about the issue..haha...oppsiee...=p should had told them earlier....dinner ended around 9 something...and my grandparents are flying off early in the morning tomorrow to beijing and hong kong for few weeks...enjoy the trip =)


I the birthday boy :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Reblog ?

Hi ladies and gentlemen...ermm...or maybe hi to myself if there isn't anyone reading my dead blog already..came to realize that I had abandoned my blog for 2 months sorry bloggie and my fellow readers ( anyone ? ) Okie...cut the crap...let's get down to business !

Finals just over last Friday, and 2nd semester had came to an end. Whenever the final exams are over no matter in high school or college, I'll be thinking about the same thing...kinda feeling uneasy about it like something is about to happen and something is about to end. I realize I always look back after an exam is over, telling myself that I should have put in a little more effort or not being so careless...but NO ! I will never relive my life..not a single part of my just too much !!! I do not want to relive any of the happy moments either, cause it will never be the same anymore... living in the same scene for the 2nd time will just spoil the memory...I do not know why am I talking bout this...but isn't it make sense ? haha....or maybe is just some nonsense that I'm forgive me for my lame-ness....

Basically, I'm drop dead gorgeous during the 2nd semester... as usual, assignments, quizzes, tests and presentation...seriously live life to the max ! LOL...but everything is over now...2 months holiday...! I began it with sickness =.= ohya...and CARTOONS !! haha..those sweet old cartoons I used to watched when I was 6 or 7...The Flintsones, Little Lulu, Addams Family ! yaya...I can sense that you are laughing miss watching these I feel like watching Barney and Friends =)

Okie la...will update again very soon...see ya

Is funny that I just said that I do not want to relive any single part of my life just now, but now I'm blogging bout the past ??? hmmm.....

the bean of life